Chuckanut Drive and Taylor Shellfish Farms

A Happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow moms!  We had a lovely day here in Seattle.  It was a perfect day for a day trip.  Chris researched and read about this outing and treated me to one of my favorite things, fresh oysters, and to a wonderful mother's day.  If you live here in Seattle, love freshly shucked oysters, some delicious farm cheeses and beautiful scenery, get in your car on a sunny day and drive north to Chuckanut Drive.  Bring some ice cold drinks, an oyster shucker and anything else you desire for a ocean side picnic.

Head north on I-5 and take exit 236 to Bow Hill Road.  Our first stop was Samish Bay Cheese making a variety of organic cheeses using only milk from their cows.  We purchased gouda, cheddar, aged Ladysmith and the Ladysmith with chives for our picnic.  Creamy delicate cheeses found here and in many farmers' markets around town.

Then head around the corner to Farm to Market Bakery and pick up some treats to tide you over until you gather the rest of your goodies.  We got the chocolate peanut butter cookies and a slice of marion berry pie.  Yum!

Drive on into Edison and stop at the Breadfarm to grab a baguette for the cheese and any other baked goods your stomach or heart desires.  We got a palmier, a stout chocolate cupcake and a baguette.  

There are other places in town to pick up drinks or a sandwich should you need other provisions.  Now it's time to make your way up to Taylor Shellfish Farms.  Here you can pick up a variety of whatever oysters they have just harvested as well as dungeness crab, geoduck, scallops, clams, mussels, etc.  We got 2 dozen Shigoku oysters, shucked them one by one at the picnic table and slurped them down with a little champagne vinegar and shallot mignonette.  Chris noted how much stronger the oysters held onto their shell when he was trying to pry them open.  They must be stronger because they were just harvested!  We both raved about how sweet and truly fresh they were.  Divine!   

After lunch, drive north on scenic Chuckanut Drive and head into the town of Fairhaven.   Walk around town and explore some of the shops or if you're still in need of a little something something, stop in at Acme Ice Cream for a quick cone.  There's some really creamy good ice cream here.

All in all, a superb day and one which I'm sure we'll be repeating in the near future.


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