Normandie, Dimanche. A D-Day Tour

Today, Chris had planned for us a tour of the D-Day Beaches and the American Cemetery following Rick Steves' guide.  Steves does a good job explaining the area, so I will let you read about it on his site.  Our first stop was Arromanches and the 360 degree Cinema where we watched a short film about D-Day to get us started.  It was an emotion provoking film reminding us of all who fought and gave their lives to ensure our future.  From there we drove down to the first beach, Port Winston.

We had a lunch of fish and chips in Arromanches, and then headed onto the next stop, Longues sur Mer where we saw the remains of the German bunkers.

Our final stop was Omaha Beach and then the American Cemetery.

We finished our day with dinner at the hotel restaurant which was really wonderful.  We were recommended the special of the day which was sea snails.  Well, we had to try them, right?
They were excellent!  They were extremely fresh and delicate tasting.  Maggie had a hamburger which was fabulous.  The burger was loose and tender with a flavorful grilled taste.  Chris had a fabulous pizza with a special cheese from the region and I had calamari sautéed in a special sauce that tasted much like lobster bisque.  But once again, we fawned over the ice cream.  I had caramel and coffee ice cream.  The caramel, once again, had bits of caramel in it and the coffee ice cream had coffee beans in it.  So good!

We are thankful for another wonderful day here.  We are, however, starting to miss home a little... Pacino, our own beds, the chickens, and the lackadaisical days of summer vacation.  But we are by no means unappreciative of our time here in France.  But traveling, touring, long days, living out of a suitcase, and just being out of our norm will take its toll over time under the best of circumstances.  We want it to go on, but at the same, we wish home could come with us.  Traveling is a true gift, and in the best of all worlds, our own house would be home base.


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