Homemade Pasta with Fresh Morels, English Peas and Pea Vines

I made my way down to the Pike Place Market today and came home with fresh morels and english peas.  In my refrigerator already were some pea vines which I had planned to use for another purpose.  Change of plans... the morels pulled me in a different direction.  All fresh from the season and nothing needed but to let each ingredient shine.  Fresh pasta made with today's eggs and 00 flour.  Morels satueed in a little butter then tossed with a bit of heavy cream.  Add the pea vines and then the cooked pasta and peas.  Salt and pepper to taste and finish with fresh pecorino romano.   A little piece of heavenly delight.
Oh, and did I mention a trip to Taylor Shellfish at the Melrose Market for some fresh oysters?  Divine!


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