Chinon, Mardi. A Long Drive South to Chinon and the Cutest Hotel Diderot

We woke this morning and quickly made our way off Mont Saint-Michel as the droves of visitors were arriving.  The entrance we took onto the island had flooded with the high tide and so an alternate exit was used.  It was about a 200 kilometer drive to our next stop, Chinon, in the Loire Valley.  It was a picturesque drive and I just can't get enough of the lush green fields and those beautiful cows grazing the green pastures.  We've also noticed the lack of any 'farm' smells at all.  The air is fresh and I'm telling you, those cows are so clean and beautiful, we are beginning to wonder if they are show cows.  If Chris would only come to a complete stop on the motorway, I could get a closer photo for you.

We stopped in the small town of Sablé for lunch before moving onto Chinon.  As we entered the Loire Valley, a large vineyard lined the road.

Just before arriving in Chinon, we came upon Cave Monplaisir where we stopped to take a quick look.  It was a 2500 square-metre quarry that has since been converted into a cellar for storing and aging wine.  There are 700 barrels full of Chinon wine.

 After this quick stop, we drove a few more minutes into Chinon and arrived at the cutest hotel, Hôtel Diderot.  Chris came through once again.  The hotel is framed with beautiful gardens and the building itself has so much character.  We had booked two rooms and the girls' room is so sweet and charming, Chris and I are a little jealous.

I realize I've gotten away from talking about food in my food blog.  At the risk of being lambasted, I have to confess, the meals we've had overall have not been overly impressive so, I haven't been sharing as much.  The exceptions are the baguettes, croissants, jambon and paté we had from the boulangerie and boucherie by the apartment we rented.  Everything else has tasted much the same and nothing stands out much.  Perhaps we've been unlucky?  We all miss a little variety in our cuisine.  Everywhere we go, it's pretty much the same things on the menu and we are ready for a different flavor.  Is that a pathetic and sacrilegious statement when one is in France?

Tonight's dinner had one stand out item, the foie gras ravioli with ham.  It was delicious!  We ate at Restaurant La Bonne France.  The service was excellent and friendly, some items were better than others, but the foie gras ravioli was the best.
A nice walk around town capped off our day.  Tomorrow we shall have a leisurely day and visit a couple châteaus.  Bonsoir!


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