Leaving Vancouver and onto Pender Harbour

Day one, Saturday, August 4 on Stray Cat. 
A good sleep last night, and we were up and ready to go at 8:00am.  It was going to be a 7 hour haul from Vancouver to Pender Harbour.  The wind was right on our nose, and given the distance we had to cover, we motored our way to Pender.  We encountered a bit of rough water and large rolling waves the first few hours of the trip through the Strait of Georgia.
Breakfast for me: coffee with sugar and cream and a Dramamine.  On the boat this week, breakfast will be a free for all; captain’s muffins, toast, bagels and cream cheese, fruit, granola bars or cereal. 
The weather has been phenomenal.  If anything, too hot, but believe me, we are not complaining.  At 1:30pm we were finally ready for lunch.  Maggie and I spent the morning nauseous and trying to sleep our way through the ride.  Lunch was a cheese plate provided by Marcel, charcuterie selections and crackers.  An easy ride after lunch into Pender Harbour, on the Malaspina Strait, got us on the dock at 3:00pm. 
A few housekeeping items and then we were walking up to Garden Bay Lake for a swim.  Post swim and pre-shower / dinner appetizers were Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Nothing wrong with a salty chip to calm the ole stomach.  Wash it down with a cool cocktail and we were good until dinner.
We ate at the Garden Bay Restaurant and Pub.  My entrée of Fish and Chips minus the chips, substitute salad, and a side order of Onion Rings was pretty tasty.  The batter on the fish was light and crunchy as were the onion rings.  After dinner, I sat outside the pub to pick up a wifi connection to post yesterday’s log, followed by short stroll on the dock back to the boat where the girls were already watching a movie.  Chris and Marcel took the tender out for a quick evening tour, picked up four more bags of ice, and then it was bed time.  It will be another long day and a lot of water to cover tomorrow.  Pray for calm waters.


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