Desolation Sound - The Buffet Hits the Salt Water

It has long been one of our holiday goals to take the girls on a week long sailing adventure.  This is the year.  Stella is 12 and Maggie is 14 and we are in that magical space where traveling in a close quartered sailboat should be easy and they still want to travel with us.  Chris has been in charge of the boat details and my responsibilities lie largely in provisioning and general packing detail.  I have created an Excel spreadsheet that lists each day, the meal, the dish, the ingredients needed and where to buy each item.  This served as a meal planner, a shopping list, and a packing list.  This being our first trip to Desolation Sound, I planned for the worst and assumed there would be no opportunity to pick up any ingredients along the way.  It was a long list.

Our trip details are to leave on Friday morning from Seattle and head to Granville Island in Vancouver to pick up the boat.  We chartered a 38 foot catamaran.  We will board the boat on  Friday afternoon and set sail on Saturday.  Fruits and vegetables would be picked up on Granville Island as it is illegal to bring those across the border into Canada.  All other ingredients are going to be packed with us for the trip up to Vancouver.  We will spend 8 nights on the boat.  Wowza!

Other than food, drinks, clothing, towels, sunscreen, games, books, etc. etc. etc., we are packing three fishing poles, lures, one crab pot, one shrimp pot and plenty of bait.  Fishing licenses have been obtained online.  We should be good to go.  Perhaps we will have fresh crab and shrimp on our trip, but the fishing will be mainly for entertainment.  

Internet availability will be limited, so posting may not happen until we return home.  But I will be sharing all aspects of our adventure to come.  Wish us luck!


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