Back to Vancouver and then Home!

Day 6, Friday, August 10

According to the weather forecast, we were expecting heavy winds and rough waters for our last leg back into Vancouver down the Strait of Georgia.  The provisions have been emptying at a calculated pace.  I am hoping we will have little on the food front to take off the boat.  We will be spending our last night on the boat tied to the dock at Granville Island and pack up and leave tomorrow morning. 

Having been on the boat for seven days now really does remove you from the outside world.  We’ve had a couple of opportunities at remarkably slow wifi, no television, and though we do have intermittent cell coverage, our phones have not been in use.  This has made it extremely relaxing.  For Chris, a boating vacation like this is his favorite type of vacation.
We did have lovely weather on our last leg back to Vancouver, and were glad that the wind was on our backs as this made the trip much calmer.  After again filling with fuel and water, we relaxed for a bit before Marcel treated us to one of the best meals I've had in a while.  
We ate at Suika Snack Bar on Broadway and Fir Street.  It was fabulous and I over ate.  Marcel eats there about once a week and has made his way through much of the menu.  He knew all the best items to order.  It is a definite return to spot when we are in Vancouver again.  Here's what we ate:
 Lightly Smoked Tuna Tataki
Sashimi Shake Salad 
 Kiyuri Kimchi
 Salmon Carpaccio
Sashimi Five Kinds 
Torotoro Cha-Shu 
Chinese Poutine 
 Corn Kakiage
 Grilled Duck
Grilled Tuna Cheek 
 Kakuni Bibimbap
 Tuna Avocado
Tokyo Oxtail Ramen (a Maggie pick) 
Hellz Chicken

It's difficult to pick a favorite, as they were all fantastic and each unique in its own way.  Sooo good! 
We walked back to the boat on Granville Island and spent our last night full and content.  

Day 7, Saturday, August 11
Eyes opened at 7:45 and it was time to start packing up.  Hmmph!  The upside to being in a fairly small area is the limited space you have to search for stuff you may have left behind.  Packing was fairly painless.  Chris did a final check out with the charter company and we hit the road.  Marcel did not have far to go, and we decided to stop for lunch before our drive back to Seattle.  
Having been successful on our way down, we decided to go back to Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant.  This place really has it down.  It is a beautiful restaurant, good service and the freshest dim sum we've had in some time.  There are no carts.  You are given a menu that you use to check off the items you want.  Everything is delivered freshly cooked.  We had wok fried pea vines with garlic, fried squid and soy braised beef brisket.  It's definitely a return spot as well when we are back in Vancouver.  Again, no caucasians other than Chris in the restaurant.  Interesting.  Still a hidden gem perhaps?
After lunch, we made an eventless drive home.  The boat trip was outstanding; so relaxing and an absolute get away, but home is home.


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