Short Rib Rice Bowl

A second day of "what should I do with".... and today it's left over short ribs.  A hearty rice bowl was a good idea and a good opportunity to put to use some other items already in my refrigerator.  The short ribs remain the star, but the other ingredients elevate it to it's new level of tastiness.

8 braised short ribs, deboned
1/3 lb shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced
8 oz bean sprouts
1 bunch chrysanthemum greens, trimmed and washed
pickled cucumbers, carrots, daikon
cooked white rice
farm/backyard fresh eggs

Saute the shiitake mushrooms with a little light soy sauce, mirin and freshly ground pepper.
Saute the bean sprouts with a little light soy sauce and freshly ground pepper.
Saute the chrysanthemum greens in a little oil and salt.
Fry eggs sunny side up.
Assemble the bowl with a scoop of rice on the bottom, and a little bit of each ingredient plus an egg on top.  Drizzle any sauce or juices from the short ribs or sautéed vegetables.  Serve with a little ssam sauce or sriracha on the side.  
An excellent second use meal.  Bonus!


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