Milk Bar Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies

I debated on posting about these cookies because I knew I could/would not be including the recipe as it is not mine to give.  But after a quick internet search, I found it online here at the Bon Appetit Blog.  I made these cookies today for Stella's teacher's birthday and for a little ski bus treat, but then found out Stella's teacher was not going to be here tomorrow.  I bake, oh maybe one cookie, a basic chocolate chip, maybe once a year.  It is a simple and wonderful recipe my friend gave me.  I thought it was time to branch out.  With my new cook book, momofuku milk bar, there were plenty of options but I have a soft spot for chocolate.  What drew me to them was the description that they were an ode to Christina Tosi's all time favorite baked good, the fudgy brownie and that they have a healthy salt content.   And there was the intriguing chocolate crumb addition to the cookies, which is basically a combination of flour, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa powder, kosher salt and butter baked for 20 minutes at 300F, cooled and then added to the cookie dough.  

The cookie came out as promised.  Light crispy crunchy outer and soft inner and mighty full of chocolate goodness.  This is now two recipes (the first being the chinese sausage focaccia) and two wows!  If you are a cookie and a chocolate lover, these are definitely worth a try.

A last note... a friend asked me about glucose that's called for in the recipe.  In the book, it said if you don't have glucose, use 2 tablespoons of corn syrup in a pinch.  


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