Happy Birthday Pacino! - And Yes, I Am Around The Bend

Pacino is five today.  In the debate of whether or not to post about our dog Pacino's birthday dinner, my only concern is if I'd offend anyone.  Folks can think I'm crazy, but I just don't want any anger.  The reality is, I'm writing about what my family eats, and Pacino is a big part of our family.  He's always there to greet us with a gift when we arrive home.  He faithfully follows me wherever I go, always waiting for me to settle down so he can lay at my feet.  When the girls are angry or sad and they shut their bedroom door, he's the only one they open it for.  He'll be sent in or pulled in like a first aid kit rolled into a soft furry bundle of sweetness.  He'll never judge, he'll never lie, he'll never hate, he will only love.  Besides the occasional leg hug, for which he has provided no explanation or excuse, Pacino is pretty much perfect.  
Pacino eats a normal meal of ground turkey and peas.  For his birthday, he gets a special meal of steak tartare, no seasoning.  Somehow, as I prepare it, he knows it's for him.  He sits and watches me sear the steak and then chop it up.  I quick poach an egg yolk to put on top and surround the steak with petite peas.  He sits patiently for my photos and videos and then gobbles it down like every other meal.  Did he even taste that?  Oh well, doesn't matter.  Happy birthday Pacino!  We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Pacino! Please give him a hug and pet for me.


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