Chinese Sausage Focaccia, Oh My

So, I got a new cookbook from Chris for my birthday, momofuku milk bar.  I was reading it last night in lust and then becoming hungrier by the minute, had to stop and put it down.  Before getting to the recipes, I was already hooked by the foreword and the information on ingredients,  equipment and techniques.  I got a little rush reading about the rise of the milk bar and then marveled at how much work it was and continues to be to run such a place.  I loved that they give you exactly what brand of ingredients they use, if there is a particular one.  And for me, the techniques were not only educational, but reassuring.  Admittedly, I will likely leave the sweets to Maggie.  What really caught my eye were the savories.  Bagel bombs, volcanoes, kimchi and blue cheese croissants... If you know me at all, you know I am a savory, albeit seldom, breakfast gal.  These would all be dangerous to have around as I know they will be consumed, and right quick.

And so here we are, day 5 of eating clean, and we are about to take a step off the wagon.  It is the first night of ski bus for the girls, and thus I have plenty of time to cook.  What to do?  What to do?  Suddenly, it came to me, an apres ski chinese sausage focaccia.  It was a recipe from the cookbook for which I had all the ingredients in my house already.  I do feel a certain amount of guilt for this little diversion, but technically, there's no butter, no cream and no deep frying.  Do you see what I mean about not committing to anything more by writing them down?  Wait until you see what I've got in the hopper for tomorrow night's dinner!

Okay, so, due to my uncertainty of copyright laws, etc., I will not be copying the recipe here for you.  Sorry... email me and we'll talk.  But here's what it entails...
1 recipe of Mother Dough (consisting of flour, active dry yeast, kosher salt and water, proofed)
Chinese sausages
Garlic cloves
grape seed oil
toban djan
Make the dough, cook the sausage, garlic, and toban djan with the oil.  Strain, the oil, set aside.  I used a combination of my own ssam sauce with toban djan.  It is a little sweeter and less spicy.
Lay the dough out, and fill with the sausage mixture.  Place into a quarter sheet pan, cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 45 minutes.  Pour the spicy garlic oil around the dough, not on top of it.  Bake for 15 minutes at 375F.  Let cool to room temp before cutting.  The focaccia will keep, wrapped in plastic, for up to 3 days.  I had a small taste bite tonight, but I'm looking forward to my breakfast tomorrow.  This is a good step off the wagon!


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