Steak and Eggs and A Few Onion Rings Too

We are full on in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Every year my goal is to have all of my various chores, shopping, and errands done before the girls are out of school for a much awaited two week holiday break.  I had always envisioned life getting easier and less hectic as the girls got older.  But it is much the opposite.  My intent to have free time and hence time to laze around and truly enjoy the holidays, now requires much more effort in advance.  This entails a lot of running around, and so there's not been too may fancy or new meals lately.  Tonight's dinner is really no different, other than I thought it looked good enough to photo and share.

It is a grilled tenderloin steak with salt and pepper.  Simple.
Sauce made of sautéed shallots with sage, pureed with beef stock, simmered and then finished with a little cream and balsamic vinegar.
Poached Emerton coop fresh eggs.
Onion rings coated with a beer batter and fried.


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