Scallop Crudo and Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Shaved Black Truffle

Last weekend when Chris and I were heading out for the night, I did my five minute mushroom cream sauce for the girls to have with pasta for dinner.  No recipe here really, just slice mushrooms, finely chop a clove of garlic, sauté until softened, add heavy cream, a pinch of salt, and some freshly grated pepper, lightly boil until slightly thickened.  That's it.  When we got home, the girls raved about it and subsequently requested it for dinner again.  Tonight I'm remaking the pasta with a couple additions.  I know every late fall, Uwajimaya will get a small shipment of fresh local black truffles.  Of all places to have truffles... I know, right?!  The ones I'd gotten were quite small, but they were the last two.  They may not be as good as the Burgundy black truffles, but they are more affordable and more easily obtained.  Our pasta tonight was made much the same way as last weekend but seasoned with truffle salt, and finished with a bit of shaved truffle on top.  Luscious.  
I had gone to a Patricia Wells dinner a few weeks ago.  It was an all truffle dinner highlighting recipes from her new Simply Truffles cookbook.  When she spoke, she gave the great advice to store your truffles with your eggs so that the truffles would impart their flavor onto the eggs.  So, of course.. fresh laid eggs, fresh truffles, I'm all in.  
To cut the richness of the pasta, I decided to do a little side of scallop crudo to start.  
5 Fresh, sashimi grade sea scallops, sliced crosswise either in half or thirds, depending on the thickness of the scallops
1 Meyer lemon, thinly sliced
2 small Thai chilies, very thinly sliced
1/4 tsp finely sliced scallion or chives
1 Tbsp grape seed oil
1/2 tsp light soy
1/4 tsp rice wine vinegar
pinch of sea salt

Mix together the oil, soy and vinegar.  
Lay the lemon slices in a single layer on a dish.  Lay the scallops on top.  Sprinkle with just a touch of sea salt, then the chilies and scallion.  Finish with a drizzle of the oil mixture on top.  Divine!


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