Happy Birthday Sweet Maggie Mei!

Our beautiful Maggie Mei turns 14 on Christmas.  She's our Mags, our Magaroo, our Magadoodle, and our sweet Roo Ha Ha.  She's our quiet strength, our deep thinker, our sea of mystery, and our seer.  Never demanding to be the center of attention, yet you cannot help but be drawn to her.  She walks softly through our lives, but touches us all with her kindness and care.  Beautiful inside and out, full of grace and acumen, Happy Birthday Maggie!
And what has Maggie wished for dinner?  A girl after my own heart... Veal, mushroom and sweet pea ravioli with browned butter and crispy sage.  A few longevity noodles tossed in, and we're off and running.  My most special baby girl.  The world I wish for you... you deserve it!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Mags!

  2. Happy New Year to all the Emertons and Happy Birthday Maggie!


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