Tomato and Eggs

Well, this is barely worth a blog entry because it is so easy, but it is so tasty not to share.  One of my mom's favorite uses for a fresh tomato is this quick scrambled egg dish.  I sent her home earlier this week with a few fresh tomatoes and she reminded me again how wonderful a simple scrambled egg and tomato is.  Why do we go through the pains of growing our own tomatoes?  Because we know how flavorful and sweet they are when you pick them once they are ripened, rather than when they are still green just so you can get them to the super market in good shape.  So tonight, when thinking about what to serve with my tea smoked duck and rice, I remembered what my mom told me, and picked a couple ripe tomatoes and quick fried them with some eggs.

2 small ripened tomatoes
5 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

Cut tomatoes into small bite sized pieces.  Beat eggs with salt and just a small splash of water.  The water will steam in the eggs making them fluffier.  Add tomatoes and stir to combine.  Heat a little oil in a well seasoned or non stick pan.  When oil is hot, pour in egg mixture and cook until eggs are just solid.  The perfect heat for the pan is when the eggs bubble up the sides, and just harden on the bottom.  A little browning perhaps, but definitely not sitting stagnant in the pan.  If the heat is just right it will only take a minute or so to cook the eggs.  Do not overcook.  It's better to take them off the heat even when they still have a slight run to them as they will continue to cook a bit.  Nothing worse than an overcooked egg.  Serve with freshly ground pepper.  So good!


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