A Little Jam Session

As I was finishing up my little jam making session, Stella asked a very keen question: "Are you making this jam because you planned to or is it because you wanted to use these jars?"  The honest answer is, the jars.  A favorite place we visit these days is the Portage Bay Grange, where we bought our chickens.  It is a great source for your urban farm animals; chickens, ducks, rabbits and such, and it has a homey country store feel.  On my last visit, they were carrying these beautiful Weck canning jars.  I bought a bunch to use as votives and then today at the store, beautiful raspberries were on sale.  A canning it will be.  No ground-breaking recipe here.  Frankly, I followed the recipe that came inside the Sure-Jell pectin box for cooked jam. 
5 Cups crushed raspberries (equalling about 7-6oz packages of raspberries)
7 Cups sugar
1 Box Sure-Jell pectin
As I was mashing the raspberries with my potato masher, Chris walked in and chuckled.  "What?" I asked.   Apparently, real canners use fruit they have picked with their hands, not out of a plastic clam box.  Next year, I will have to plant raspberry bushes I guess.
After a little finger dip, Stella concluded it was lucky for her that I decided to use some of the jars for jam.  "I can't wait for my Monday peanut butter and jelly sandwich!"  
I am thinking about what else I can put into my new favorite jar.


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