Lucky Peach

If you're looking for some good summertime, lawnside, poolside, beachside or patioside food magazine reading, look no further.  I rarely read all of the articles in a magazine.  Admittedly, I am a picture gal and a skimmer.  This new quarterly magazine from David Chang has me captivated.  Each issue will be dedicated to a particular theme, this first issue being Ramen.  It includes personal journals, essays, taste tests and recipes.  The writing has a strong and clear voice to it, the photos and illustrations are enticing and the feel of the paper and the print quality make you want to pick it up (this had extra appeal for me because of my love for paper products).  Cheap it is not at $10.00 for the issue, but the one thing missing is advertising.  The companion Lucky Peach app for the iPad is on its way.  Love it!


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