Fried Cauliflower with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette

I am always looking for good side dishes to serve with grilled meats in the summer.  I found this little gem in my Momofuku cookbook.  In Chang's book, you can make it with either brussels sprouts or cauliflower.  I went with cauliflower.  Here's the sprout version on Epicurious, just substitute cauliflower and it's the same recipe.  His recipe also gives you the option of frying or roasting.  I went with the fried version... just to check it out since I'd never fried cauliflower before.  All of the sacrifices I make for the blog, right?
I made the dressing and puffed rice ahead of time, so all that was needed at the time of eating was a quick fry session.  The roasted version would make it even easier for entertaining as it would not need the tending to that frying does.  
With my side of fried cauliflower, I served grilled teriyaki marinated short ribs and a macaroni salad reminiscent of the lunch we had at the Aloha Mixed Plate in Lahaina, Maui.  The cauliflower was fresh tasting and delicious.  I dare say it might be better roasted.  I loved the fish sauce vinaigrette and the toasted puffed rice an ingenious addition. 

Oh, and chick pics of the day...
Rosie nestled in Stella's hands
Allie perched on Maggie's finger
Ruby on my lap
Getting a treat
The girls roosting on our deck chairs


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