Chicken, Egg and Rice

There's something so fabulous about a complete meal in a bowl.  What I love about it is a bit of this and a bit of that.  The variety is a big attraction, but so is the opportunity to use up any goodies lying around in the fridge.  We decided we had to do another round of smoking today... a shorter session of smoked chicken legs and drumettes.  After three sessions with the smoker, one thing became clear, the chicken was stealing the show.  So I brined the chicken for a couple of hours in a  simple water, brown sugar and kosher salt mixture.  Chris smoked the chicken for 2 hours at 225f.  We also threw on a few whole bell peppers as a test.

Quite simple really, the bowl consisted of short grain rice, smoked chicken, smoked peppers, a fried egg, and an assortment of pickled vegetables.  Yummy smokey chicken!

And speaking of chicken... a few new chick pics.  Seems wrong to put them in the same post, but I love my chickens.


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