A Little Something to Make Your Taste Buds Jump

While having lunch with my mom last week, she told me about a little dish which I would call a perfect tidbit to snack on or a large bit to feast on.  It's the kind of dish you would have with a large bottle of beer or a big bowl or two of white rice or congee.  It's salty and spicy and perfect to satisfy a flavor blast craving.  My mom plays mah jong weekly with a group of ladies.  They each pack their own lunchbox, but my mom's friend always brings her something my mom can enjoy later.  My mom's friend and her brother own Chiang's Gourmet, in Lake City, here in Seattle.  It is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in town.  They do a traditional Chinese style breakfast/brunch on the weekends and have a large selection of "Szechuan Heaven" dishes.  This is one of the items she brought to my mom at their last mah jong game.

I'm not sure there's a proper name for the dish, but here are the components.  
Finely chopped salted and sour long beans (basically pickled long beans)
Ground pork
Dried tiny fish (I used anchovies) about 1 oz
Fermented black beans, rinsed and drained
Small chili peppers, thinly sliced
Chili with Garlic sauce
Minced garlic
Dark soy
Rice wine
Chopped scallions
Fry ground pork in a hot wok.  Add chili garlic sauce, then the rest of the ingredients.  Spicy, salty goodness.


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