A Quickie Side of Flatbread

Almost too easy to post about, but it's good enough and so simple and quick, it seems a shame not to share.  Great for an appetizer or a side to some grilled meat, you can throw it together at the last minute and you'll be good to go.  

1 Package of ready made Tandoori Naan  (I got mine from Whole Foods)
Roasted garlic
Olive Oil
Grated Gruyere cheese

Sliced shiitake mushrooms
Hoisin Sauce
Mixture of grated Fontina and Comte cheeses

Garlic cheese flatbread:
Finely chop roasted garlic cloves.  Mix with a little olive oil.  Brush bread with the garlic oil mixture.  Top with gruyere cheese.

Shiitake mushroom flatbread:
Saute shiitake mushrooms in a little olive oil.  Spread evenly over bread.  Drizzle with hoisin sauce.  Top with fontina and comte cheese mixture.

Grill the flatbread until cheese is melted.  Crispy crust, soft top, cheesy goodness.


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