The One-Third Pound Burger, Crispy Sweet Onions, and Shoestring Fries

A request was made for some burgers.  No ground-breaking revelations to report here.  Just a good 'ole burger.  Two parts beef chuck to one part beef short ribs ground using my Kitchenaid standing mixer grinder attachment.  Salt and pepper the beef well.  Pack the ground beef loosely into a large ball, press slightly to form a patty.  
Less compacting of the meat results in lesser shrinkage and a more tender burger.  Grill to medium rare with a thick slice of Beecher's Flagship cheddar.  Today's special topping was fried crispy sweet Vidalia onions sliced thinly and dusted in flour, salt and chili powder.  Serve your burger with your choice of condiments and your favorite bun.  My current, readily available, one is the Oroweat Country Potato Dinner Roll, which I sliced in half cross-wise.  It is soft, airy and not as large as a regular hamburger bun.  I had a smear of Good mayo, a generous squirt of Whole Foods 365 organic ketchup, romaine lettuce and crispy onions.  There is nothing you can say against a good burger.  Get out there and grill one!


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