Tuna Sashimi, Crispy Shallots, Soy Mayo and Wasabi Tobiko on a Sweet Potato Chip

A little test kitchen item tonight so hopefully it will be lucky us.  

Thinly sliced peeled sweet potato (I used Okinawa Sweet Potato)
Your choice of sashimi, I used both Albacore and Super White Tuna
Thinly sliced shallots
Wasabi Tobiko
Soy Mayonnaise (Mayo, soy sauce, sriracha hot sauce)
Fry the sweet potato slices in canola or vegetable oil at 350f until crispy.  Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with sea salt.  In a smaller pan, fry shallots until crispy.  The shallot will impart its flavor onto the oil, so I prefer to use a smaller pot and fry it separately in case you need to reuse the large pot of oil.  The way to tell when they are done and crispy is when they stop bubbling in the oil.  

A perfect little bite.  Sweet from the potato chip, salty from the mayo, and a little zing from the shallots and tobiko and of course the silky fish!  Delish and it was lucky us.


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