Another Pizza Night and A Little Salad

So, the constant question here in the Emerton household is, "What should we have for dinner?" And not surprisingly, it is often answered with "Co. Pizza".  Stella has requested Co. Pizza on several occasions and though I've posted about it in the past, I feel like it seems it cannot ever get enough praise.  By Co. Pizza, she really means the Flambe which I've made many times before.  Every time I make the fabulous pizza with Jim Lahey's pIzza dough recipe, I try to do something new, but in the end, it's always the Flambe that out-shines everything else.  Tonight, as I planned to do something different to post about, it was not to be.  Flambes all around and a couple of pork and hoisin, scallion and mozzarella pizzas by request.  My dream of truffle oil, arugula, and crispy pancetta pizza will have to see another use.  What I can offer up is a little version of a salad previously posted.  

Asparagus, oyster mushroom, goat cheese  and poached egg with champagne vinaigrette dressing

I found thick asparagus which I sliced very thinly using a vegetable peeler.  Blanche the asparagus in salted boiling water for about 30 seconds.  Strain, rinse with cold water and dry on paper towels.   Slice the oyster mushrooms into 3/4 - 1" pieces.  Saute with salt and pepper in a bit of olive oil.  Toss the mushrooms and asparagus with a champagne vinegar vinaigrette made of champagne vinegar, olive oil and honey.  Top with fresh goat cheese and a poached egg yolk.  You can opt to keep all the egg white, but I separated  most of it out and just poached the tighter portion of the yolk.  Yes, I could have eaten a whole meal of just the asparagus salad.  But you know, I could never pass up the Flambe.


  1. I know the pizza is amazing since we made it, but that salad looks incredible. I'm going to have to try it!!


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