Meatloaf and a Little Salt

The idea of meatloaf was not received with open arms by my gals.  I must come up with a different name for it.  After all, they like sausages and hamburgers.  This is relatively the same concept, just different form.  Apparently, they don't like the idea of their meat in a loaf.  Though I'm a fan of meatloaf, I've never made it before.  So, I followed this recipe from  It is from David Burke's New American Classics.  Okay, must pause here and say dear sweet.   While going back to the recipe to link it into this post, I decided to read the reviews.  There is mention of how there must be a misprint in the recipe for the amount of salt to use and how it almost renders the meatloaf inedible.  Great.... nothing like trying to sell an inedible meatloaf to my kids.  

I just spent a considerable amount of time grinding my own steak and tediously following this recipe.  I am, by nature and lack of patience, not a good recipe follower.  Why didn't I read the reviews before hand?  Live and learn.  Hopefully, it will not be complete disaster.  I have to admit, that amount of salt seemed excessive.  But I do love salt and I dismissed my doubts.   I did however, make a couple of other edits to the recipe.  I added 4 oz of finely chopped white button mushrooms and left off the whole peeled garlic which was to be pressed on top of the meatloaf.  
Somehow, I wound up with 2 large meatloaves.  Stella formed one into the face of a dog, and I went conventional with a regular loaf shape, perhaps in an effort to prove meat in loaf form can be yummy too.  Well, that and the good for making sandwiches factor.  So we have it, dogloaf and meatloaf and apparently saltloaf too.

The judgement is in... yes, too salty.  Not inedible, but very salty even for the salt lover I am.  However, I think it will be good for sandwiches.  I didn't get any signatures on the dotted line from the girls.  It will be a work in progress.  


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