McCabe's Chicken, Don't Forget the McCabe

Once again a two pack of organic chickens made it home with me from Costco.  Dear sweet... what other chicken variation can I do?  One hurdle I encounter often with a lot of my ideas is spice and my kids.  I LOVE spicy foods and the kids, do not, quite understandably so, share that love.  I find myself secretly adding a little spice here and there, unbeknownst to them, as a way of slowly acclimating them to hot foods.  They will ask, "did you add spice to this?", to which I always have a moment of inner conflict.  Do I say yes, which will prompt them to opt out?  Or do I lie?  They've caught on to my standard response of try and see.  In Chinese meals, when we have several dishes, I can get my fix with one of the dishes being tongue tingling hot.  But in the daily meal, it's kind of an all or nothing deal.  Adding hot sauce or chili flakes on the side just isn't the same flavor.  
This brings me to McCabe's Chicken, a recipe I must first have gotten from Saveur magazine.  I had to Google it to figure out where the recipe came from.  But it has been a standard grilled chicken in our house for years and I can't believe I've not blogged about it yet.  Simple, flavorful and spicy!    Because of the girls' schedules, we are eating separately tonight... good chance to break out the red pepper flakes.
So, as I left to transport Stella, the last words out of my mouth to Chris was, don't forget to brush  the red wine vinegar, butter, red pepper flake sauce onto the chicken.  Fast forward and I have to admit, the chicken was beautiful.  My grill master did come through once again in a perfectly grilled chicken, except....  there's something missing.  Hmmm, where's the twang and the spice?  McCabe's chicken was missing the McCabe.  No red wine vinegar, no butter and no red pepper flakes.  Chicken was still tasty but as Chris put it, I got the groceries, but left the baby on the roof of the car.  Poor baby!  


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