Crabby Tuesday

There may be no better shellfish than live dungeness crab freshly steamed.  To savor the sweetness, we like to eat it plain or with a light dipping sauce made with simply finely minced ginger, a dash of sugar, and equal parts white and rice wine vinegars.  Strap on a bib or napkin and go to town.  At first  thought, it would seem strange to dip dungeness crab in vinegar, but it is quite fabulous.  Growing up I remember many a late evening meal/snack of crab eaten this way.  Because my parents owned a small restaurant, we would often arrive home late and we would stay up late, hence the midnight snack, or shao yeh.  Our shao yeh was often the best meal of the day.


  1. This reminds me of our Langley crab feast, and our raclette and crab night! Yummy. I was so impressed at Langley when you knew how to cook them (I am easily impressed, of course. ha). xo


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