Year of the Rabbit

The new Lunar year arrives on February 3rd bringing us the year of the Rabbit, which also happens to be Stella's Zodiac sign.  We will celebrate with my family tonight so that we can all be together to feast and toast in the new year.  When we were living in Taiwan, it was by far the biggest holiday of the year.  Factories closed down for weeks to celebrate, all shops were closed, except perhaps the corner 7-11.  Fire crackers and fireworks flew in the night making it feel a bit like a combat zone.  And of course the food, oh the food.  Days of thought and preparation for the New Year's meal.  That is one element that has not changed.  So, here is our celebration, dish by dish.  Happy New Year!
 Joss Money, or rather Fortune Money to be burned and sent up to our relatives in the next life.
 Pacino waiting under the dining table.
 Szechuan Beef Tendon
 Smoked Fish
Hot pot of Napa Cabbage, Prawns, Black Cod Fillet, Meatballs and Egg Dumplings
Something for everyone.
 Tea Smoked Duck
 Szechuan Green Beans - a table favorite
 Spicy Salted Pork and Leeks
 Mandarin Fried Chicken
 Braised Pork Belly - melt in your mouth good
 Pea Sprouts with Prawns
Steamed Petrale Sole with Scallions and Ginger
Jane and Stuarts fabulous New Year Cake filled with cream and preserves
 Sending fortune to our ancestors.  


  1. I love this post!!! What a great tradition. Pacino is so cute!! :)


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