Troll Caught Wild King Salmon with Miso Glaze

Bought a beautiful piece of salmon today.  Stella was with me and requested that sauce I made over the summer... it had little bits of something in it, and was white.  I looked it up, and alas, it was beurre blanc.  I had to break it to her that I am currently on my no butter, no cream commitment.  She pondered a moment and said to me, isn't that sauce served on the side?  Hmm, how right you are.

I decided to broil the salmon with a little miso glaze:
1/3 cup light miso
1/3 cup sake
1/3 mirin
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
Place individual portions of salmon in a zip lock bag with the miso glaze and let marinade for a few hours.  Line a baking pan with foil and broil the salmon, skin side first for about 2 minutes per side, depending on thickness of your salmon.

And, not being able to resist a Stella boo face, here's the beurre blanc:
2 tbsp white wine
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tbsp finely minced shallots
1/4 cup cream
pinch of salt
sprinkle ground white pepper
8 tbsp butter cut into small pieces

Combine wine, vinegar and shallots in a small sauce pan.  Simmer until sauce is reduce to 1 tbsp.  Add in salt, pepper and cream.  Bring to a light boil for 1 minute.  Turn heat down to low and add the butter a piece at a time, whisking all the time until all butter is incorporated.  Do not bring back to a boil or the butter will separate.  Keep sauce warm until ready to use.  Makes about 1/2 cup.
The salmon was fabulous.  As usual, correctly steered by my guy at the fish counter.


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