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As my kids announced, it is Christmas Eve Eve.  I thought I'd report on what I'd say is a complete score during my own holiday food shopping today.  First I will say, I will not be posting Christmas Eve dinner as the meal will consist of items already on the blog.  As a tradition, we celebrate Maggie's birthday on Christmas Eve.  She is a Christmas baby,  the best and most precious of gifts.  Maggie's choice for her birthday dinner this year is Steak Frites, l'entrecote sauce and poutine.  We say hooray! 

I was making just a quick routine stop at Uwajimaya this morning.  As I zipped by the meat department, what stopped me in my tracks, but a Grimaud Farms FRESH young goose.  It has probably been about 15 years since I last cooked goose.  Sold and sold!  For a little icing on the cake, they also had fresh foie gras that were sliced into approximately one inch pieces and individually shrink wrapped.  Really, all you ever want are a couple of slices, not a whole lobe, which is what historically I've ever been able to purchase.  So, this is a real treat and great service for your customers.  Also in the meat counter were muscovy duck legs, duck breasts, and guinea fowl I believe.  And if you need one last decadent item to round out your holiday, pick up some fresh black truffle and shave that on some mashed potatoes or buttered pasta.  Uwayjimaya, always worth a stop, and seemingly ever more impressive with each visit.  I feel like I should be on their payroll by now.  But I can't help but share a good thing.

Happy Eating, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  


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