Roasted Pork Pizza

It's pizza night tonight, a meal that's been making it's way up the request line.  Every so often Stella asks "Co. Pizza?" with a gasp of hope.  How can I resist?  Always on the docket is the Flambe, but a new idea was born today with the appeal for something with hoisin sauce and scallions.  Stella suggested roast pork.  Genius.  

My favorite dough is from a recipe by Jim Lahey of Co. Pizza.  Having posted on this several times already, it's clear things haven't changed.  It is not only incredibly easy to make, it is incredibly good.  I par bake the dough, just a few minutes, before assembling the pie.  Set oven to 475f.  

I went to my favorite barbeque spot, King's Barbeque in the International District, to purchase the roast pork.  I asked for a leaner piece and asked them to give it to me whole so that I could cut it to the size I wanted.  For the pizza, I brushed the dough lightly with hoisin sauce, then topped it with simply the roast pork, sliced scallions and Beechers Flagship Cheddar cheese.  To finish the pizza, sprinkle with chopped fresh cilantro.  You know it's good when the girls are trying to convince us not to have a slice, telling us we would not enjoy it.  Girls after my own heart! 


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