Pan Fried Petrale Sole with Crab and Saffron Bisque

Well hello.  A week off from posting and my creative cooking brain has completely checked out.  This was the first year in maybe the last two decades that I have not cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to say, I missed it.  I did, however, roast a turkey the Friday before we left on our trip and the leftovers are still frozen ready for the bonus turkey pot pies to be made.  While away, we realized how much we love our home cooked meals.  It's all what you're accustomed to, I guess.  And as you might have noticed, we normally don't eat out much.  Tonight, a little fish to start off the week.  

1 Whole cooked dungeness crab
2 cups water
2 slices ginger
2 scallions
1/4 tsp tomato paste
pinch of saffron
1/4 cup heavy cream

Remove crab meat from the shell.  Reserve crab meat and  bring to room temp when ready to serve.  Make a broth by combining the shells with the water, ginger and scallions.  Simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes.  Strain through a fine mesh sieve.  Discard shells.  I decided to add a little tomato flavor and had tomato paste in my fridge.  So, added in 1/4 tsp tomato paste.  If you do not and don't want to open a whole can, add a tomato when you are making the broth with the crab shells, etc.  Bring the broth back to a light rolling boil and reduce to 3/4 cup.  Add saffron and cream and bring to a light boil and reduce slightly.

1 lb Petrale sole fillets

Season the sole with salt and white pepper.  Pan sear the sole with a little olive oil, about 1 minute or less per side.  Top sole with a good amount of crab meat and ladle bisque over top. The sole was wonderful, but once again, sauce is king.


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