A Little Sushi Night

Well, a lot of sushi night it really was.  No recipe to share here.  Just great fish, from my favorite spot to get sashimi grade seafood... Uwayjimaya.  Not as good as say, Nishino, who might have their fish flown in fresh, but for the home buyers, it's pretty darn good.
I was talking to a friend the other day about vitamin supplements and I was lamenting as I get older, the amount of vitamins I should be taking.  Can't we just eat the foods that give us those vitamins naturally, I asked.  So, tonight, a little replenishing of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  

 Sea Scallops layered with lemon slices and fleur del sel, my personal favorite
 Otoro Tuna with freshly grated wasabi root and soy and wasabi oil drizzle
Wasabi root, a true indulgence, was $69.95 a pound.  
 Salmon sashimi, a Stella favorite
 Super White Tuna with soy and wasabi oil drizzle
 Salmon Roll, a Maggie request
Ebi Nigiri, a Maggie favorite


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