Buttermilk Roast Chicken

So, here it is, the spatchcocked buttermilk roast chicken from the Essential New York Times Cookbook.  Chris happened to call home yesterday while I was prepping the chicken, and I told him I had to put him on speakerphone as I was spatchcocking and making a buttermilk brine.  Tell me more he said.  Am I becoming the 1-900 number for foodie porn?

Here is the recipe I found on the NY TImes website, which I followed to a T, brining the chicken in the buttermilk for a day and a half.  I flipped the bag with the chicken in it several times to ensure even coverage.  Roasting with the honey in the brine was as I suspected... a possible burn on the skin.  Really good... we always love a roast chicken.  The buttermilk changed the texture of the dark meat a bit too much, but was perfect for the breast meat.  Maybe less time in the brine next time.  Still, very delicious.


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