Labor Day 2007 Pig Roast

On Chris' list of "must dos" in life, sat this little gem, which seemed so obtainable, it would be a sin not to do it... with the help of a few friends.  So, we imposed ourselves, as we are sometimes known to do, upon our friends to carry out this little dream.  Roast a whole pig.  When I look back at these photos, I have to admit, I feel a bit guilty and sad for that little pig, as delicious as he was.  But truly, it was not  about the pig or the food, but the experience.  Look at the photos and you will see how beautiful it was those two days of preparing for the roast.  On Whidbey Island, last days of summer, happy kids, wonderful friends, happy dog.  A little slice of heaven, it will always be one of my favorite memories.

The Spit Roaster, borrowed from a friend, was a tad
larger than we expected for our little piglet.  It was built
for a 200 pound pig.  Heavy duty, electric motor.
 I had no idea.  Ironically, this was about
the only planning I had done.. flying by the seat of
my pants.  Pig... purchased, spit roaster... attained,
ready for lift off.
Stars aligned... this metal drum had washed up on
shore right in front of the house and was the 
perfect container for the coals.  As it turned out, the many
bags of coals we had were not enough to do their
job.  With the small size of our pig, it sat too high
off the ground to get enough heat to cook in
good time.
The night before the roast.  Piggy resting in the cooler on ice,
it was time for a little fishing break.
9:00am, time to get the pig ready.  If you're wondering
where to find a whole suckling pig.. I had gone to several
specialty butchers, none of whom could get one.
Alas... just down the street, QFC ordered one for me.
38 pounds, fresh, not frozen.
Stuff it with onions, orange slices, pineapple, garlic
and honey.  This made for quite a scene as the pig turned on
the spit.  Eventually, the stuffing tumbled around the cavity
scaring the children, and unnerving a few adults.
Sew him up
Now the best part.  A few drinks were consumed...
Sticks were chewed
Pig was basted with pineapple juice and coconut water
Beach time was enjoyed
Fish were caught
Kids ate
Time to carve.  It's late... pig took much
longer than expected.  I put the butt and
shoulder in the oven to finish.  Kids had
already moved on and eaten hot dogs.
I can't be sure the pork was as good as
I remember it now.
I do remember, however,
a lot of crispy skin was put down by
a most unexpected source.
And pig ears were enjoyed by Pacino.
Good times.


  1. Mary, I love your blog. You are such a great cook and writer. It makes my day to read it!
    We have to do the cooking class one weekend!
    Karen (Lisa's sister)

  2. Thank you Karen! That means a lot to me!
    I was just thinking about you yesterday. We must have esp. Let's get a date on the calendar!


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