A Burger Craving and The Costco Purchase

A couple of nights ago, a large burger craving swept over me.  I looked back and the last time I had a burger was in July.  So, yes, it is time again.  Met with a Costco trip for other staples, I found myself home with a large quantity of beef to grind.  What was I thinking?  That's a lotta beef!  So, if you're wondering, where's the beef?  It's at my house!

Last posting I went with all chuck.  This time around, I went back to my normal mix of short rib and top sirloin.  A little trick I use is salting the beef before grinding.  I figure this assures the proper amount of salt and even distribution.  Since I generally do not measure, the visual I get with salting the beef in its whole form takes the guess work out of it.

When forming your burger, gently form the ball and press it flat.  Don't pack the beef too tightly as this will give you more of a hockey puck effect and more shrinkage will occur.  Even with freezing a bit of the meat unground, I would up with quite a bit of burger to freeze (yay!) and some that hit the road to happy homes.  
With our burgers, I went the griddle route tonight and put a heavy sear on them.  I made the gals discuss the burger a bit.. yes, perhaps a little torture, but a little payment must be made for the food they are getting.  What do you think about the sear, I asked.  It was agreed the little bit of crunchy outer layer was delish.  And the cheese?  Beecher's Flagship for me, good ole Kraft American for the gals.  My favorite bun?  Oroweat  potato rolls.  It makes for a medium sized burger, but it is the perfectly soft and light bun with enough girth, without being overpowering, to hold the burger.  The girls opted for sliders.  All good.  All eaten. 


  1. try adding a bit of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce to those freshly ground burgers and a little less salt. i think it adds just the right amount of interest to enhance anything you may put on top.


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