A Little Diversion... Cheez Whiz

I was getting on my high horse the other day about processed foods when I remembered Cheez Whiz.  Cheez Whiz has long been a stocked item in the Emerton household.  Two reasons... there's nothing quite like it and its shelf life is such that you can pretty much always have it on hand.  We have just one use in our house for Cheez Whiz and it's a good one.  It's the velvety blanket for the baked potato.  Sometimes you just have to go there.  And we do.  My recipe for cheese sauce?  Equal parts Cheez Whiz and sour cream.  Heat together in a sauce pan.  You will not be disappointed!

So what is Cheez Whiz?  It's magical.  Apparently no real cheese in it, but rather cheese flavoring.. like your favorite Cheeto.  When looking to buy Cheez Whiz, it's always a little disconcerting that no one knows where exactly to find it.  Is it with the cheeses?  Is it with the chips?  Is it with the condiments and sauces?  Will you find it next to the canister of cracker cheese that comes out in aerosol form?  Will it be next to refrigerated cheddar cheese pretending to be a real cheese?  Does it sit next to the con queso dip in the chip aisle?  The bottom line is it doesn't matter to us.  I will search high and low for it, across the many aisles of the super market, and it will always have a place next to our baked potato.  Cheez Whiz, a worthwhile guilty pleasure!


  1. HAHA! You KNOW I have to comment this. I think it's in the motor oil and pesticides, due to its multiple uses. ;) Kidding of course. LOVE it.

  2. Too funny! I'll put that on my places to check in the future!

  3. We have had a recipe for Broccoli Casserole in my family for years that calls for Cheez Whiz. It doesn't taste the same without it!


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