Hot Off the Grill - It's Pizza Night

The summer grilling season has nearly come to an end and I just realized I have not done pizzas on the grill yet.  Shame.  But there is still time to rectify that oversight.  Again, I am using that wonder dough recipe from Co. in NY.  It's my current favorite and so easy to make.  I usually start the dough the night before, but having not planned well enough ahead, I put the mixture together this morning and it seems to have risen just fine.  Because the dough is so soft and delicate, I par cooked it in the oven at 500f on a hot pizza stone for 5 minutes each.  Then I assembled the pies for grilling.  
The four pies I made were:
Roasted duck, scallions, yellow bell pepper, hoisin and plum sauce with Beecher's Flagship cheese
Crimini mushroom, pesto and Salumi's Hot Sopressata with parmesan
Fig, prosciutto, caramelized onion, olive oil, drizzled honey with gorgonzola
Nueske's applewood bacon, caramelized onion, and alfredo with gruyere

The beauty of this meal is the use of items already in my refrigerator.  Pizzas are one of the best opportunities to use up bit of this and that.  No recipe needed, just put together at will and enjoy.  Since the dough had been par baked, the grilling portion did not take too long.  It worked out great to assemble all the pies and then put them aside until ready to grill.

Stella said it was "perfect doughy crispiness".  My favorite was the fig and prosciutto, a perfect salty and sweet combo.  Roasted duck was a close second for the table.  And the table favorite, bacon and gruyere of course!  


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