The Unearthing

Many of my potato greens have died back, and so it was time to harvest.  I was a little scared that my past periodic digging would leave me little else to find when I finally went to unearth the crop.  I would call it going to my potato refrigerator.  But happily, I managed to uncover this bounty doing a partial dig, working around the plants that were still green.  There seems to be many more baby potatoes to be grown, so I am hoping a fall harvest is in my future.

The only unfortunate result is that a good portion of the potatoes have what looks to be potato scab.  I'm not sure why this has occurred, but it is not supposed to affect the quality of the potato, just the look of it.  I read the disease can be present in barnyard manure, which I did not use this year.  And the earlier potatoes I harvested did not have this problem.  I can only guess that the subsequent soil and compost I added to my planters for mounding around the potato plants had some form of barnyard manure in it.  So, pretty potatoes, I do not have.  But tasty ones, they are.


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