Sockeye Salmon with Beurre Blanc

There's something magnetic about the roadside merchant.  Having grown up in a family who was self employed, I might have a special place in my heart for those who pitch a tent and set up shop to purvey their goods.  Maybe it's the possibility that they are offering something just a little more special than what you can get at the mass market.  Maybe it just feels good to support the small guy.  Or, maybe it's just plain old curiosity that makes us stop.  Yesterday, as we were zooming down the highway, fresh seafood signs drew us to a pick up truck and trailer carrying large plastic bins of fresh salmon, oysters and muscles.  Sadly no dungeness crab.. sold out.  But a 5.82 pound whole Sockeye Salmon was purchased for $4.99 per pound.  A great deal!

So, then it was time to test the product.  I decided to do a simple beurre blanc and used this recipe from Epicurious.  I filleted the salmon and grilled on with just a little salt and pepper and a brush of olive oil.  With hopes for a fabulously fresh piece of fish, cooking to medium, just slightly over medium rare, should be all that's needed.  And it was.
If you are on Whidbey Island, driving on SR525, keep a lookout for fresh seafood.  Seen mostly on the weekend, it would be well worth a stop.


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