Let's Eat Steak

So, after you've had your caprese snack, bring on the steak, right?  Now, I always have a bit of an internal battle over what to do with steak.  If you have a good cut, it feels wrong to alter it too much in any way.  But we are at the Emerton household where sauce is king.  I am raising and nurturing a small band of sauce-a-holics.  I mean once you know how good it can be, it's very much a test of restraint to try and go without.  Today, I shall try to acquiesce to my challenge of the un-sauced steak.  I did say sauced, right? ... not seasoned.

I had two beautiful rib-eye steaks, also known as spencer steak.  Sprinkle steaks with chili powder, kosher salt, and a generous amount of brown sugar.  Top with a few splashes of worcestershire and use a small spatula or knife to spread over steak evenly.  Grill over smoking hot heat.  I'm happy to just introduce my steak to the flame and call it good.  My less barbaric family likes a good medium rare.

I heard local corn will be late this season, but I can't wait.  Here again, when you have something as good as corn in the prime of its season, there's no reason to do anything to alter it.  While I wait for prime local corn, I simply boiled my corn and finished it on the grill brushing it with scallion butter.  For the butter, I sliced 1 scallion and placed it in a pan with 3 tbsp of butter and simmered the butter for about a minute.  Salt to taste.  
Maybe a bit pedestrian, but you really can't beat a good steak and sweet corn.  


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