Yellow Beet and Pea Vines, A Little Salad

I am the lone beet lover in my house.  As such, I don't make them often, but when I do, I always think to myself I should.  It must be beet season as they are out in force at the markets and I managed to sneak a few into my bag.  They were just too beautiful to pass up.

Yellow Beet and Pea Vine Salad
3 medium yellow beets
2 cups pea vines
crumpled goat cheese
mixed nuts
champagne vinegar dressing comprising of equal parts 1/3 champagne vinegar to 2/3 grape seed oil, a pinch of salt, pinch of sugar and freshly ground black pepper

Trim greens off beets leaving about 1/2" at the top.  Rinse beets and wrap in heavy aluminum foil.  Roast at 400f for about 1 hour and ten minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool still wrapped in the foil.  When cool enough to handle, peel skin off beets and slice into small bite sized pieces.  Set aside in refrigerator until ready to use.
In a saute pan with just a big of oil, saute pea vines with a little pinch of salt until just wilted.
For the plate, place a bit of pea vines on the bottom.  Toss beets with nuts and dressing.  Place beets on top, sprinkle with crumpled goat cheese.


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