Sweet Potato Ravioli with Saffron Cream Sauce

It's leftover Monday.  In my freezer was sweet potato ravioli and in my fridge was saffron cream sauce from last night's chicken dinner.  I thought I had previously blogged on both, but I couldn't find the sweet potato ravioli recipe.  But the saffron cream sauce recipe is here.  I know that the ravioli was made with fresh homemade pasta, sweet potatoes which were roasted and pureed, and perhaps some parmesan cheese and nutmeg.  Oh, this is the reason for the blog.  What happened?  Did I fall asleep on the job?  Well, a good reason to make it again sometime.  

My freezer and I are at a constant love-hate relationship.  So many items get stuffed in there and never find their way out.  Yet, then there are those gems which lay in waiting until you need them on a day like today where shopping and cooking was not going to happen.  Ravioli, like kuo tien, wontons, egg rolls and bao tse are the perfect keeper items.  No defrosting needed.  Pull them out, cook quickly and they are just as fabulous as the day you made them.  I love a good inventory!


  1. YUM! Not a pork butt feast, but still... looks amazing!


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