Orzo with Pink Prawns, Snow Peas and Seared Scallops

Summer has arrived today and as we are promised a sun soaked week, some fresh seafood came to mind.  At the store today, there were fresh wild caught sea scallops and pink prawns.  In my simple summer frame of mind, I decided on a simple orzo with sauteed prawns topped with seared sea scallops.

I made a simple orzo, same recipe as from a previous post.  Saute the prawns in a little olive oil until almost fully cooked.  I picked a few snow peas from the garden, blanched them, and sliced them into 1/2" sections.  Incorporate the prawns and snow peas into the orzo before you add the cheese.  Heat the orzo, prawns and snow peas together and then add the cheese to finish.  Season the scallops with salt and pepper.   Heat a cast iron pan to smoking hot.  Add a little oil and sear the scallops on each side for just a minute or less.  Serve the orzo with the scallops on top and a little grated parmesan and julienned scallions.  Right before serving, I decided to drizzle a little fig balsamic vinegar.  The fresh garden snow peas were so sweet and the balsamic fig condiment added just the right touch of interest to the dish.  YUM!


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