Happy Birthday Ba!

It was my dad's birthday yesterday.  We shared a nice dim sum lunch and talked like adults.  When did I become an adult in my dad's eyes I wonder.  No matter how old I am, I always feel like my parents' child.  Yes, I am departing from the Buffet a little, but it will all come around.  I was going about my evening just now, when I started to think about something my dad said to me yesterday.  I thought I was past needing approval or validation from my parents.  But then I realized no matter how old you are, it's always a good thing.  My dad told me the best thing he sees all day is my blog.  

I was thinking about that statement as I washed the day (and fried fish) away.  Food has always been the force that drew our family together.  They came to the States, opened our small restaurant, and reached for the American Dream.  My sister and I grew up in our small restaurant, appreciating food, loving food, grateful for food, yet maybe resenting food just a little bit.  Cooking can be a great chore, but it can also be a haven and a practice in art.  

I may have been cooking and writing for myself, but now I have an even greater reason to do it.  Happy birthday Ba!      


  1. I love that photo so much! Beautiful blog, Mary. xo


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