What? Veal Kebabs

Seems like a waste, right?  But once again, wandering the meat counter, standing there long enough I was getting uncomfortable looks from the folks working there, I picked up some 'veal for stew'.  What was I thinking... I am not going to make stew at this time of year... although it does feel, at times, like winter out there.  So, what to do... I've always liked a good kebab.  

Could it be more easy?  Nope.  And I find myself asking, well, myself, does anyone want to read about how I took $4.99/lb veal chunks, marinated it in my favorite Very Yeri Teriyaki sauce, skewered it with onions, yellow bell peppers and crimini mushrooms, and grilled it?  Maybe not, but I remind myself as much as this could be entertainment for others, it is also my way of cataloging what I cook.  Maybe not exciting, but reality it is.  To the Very Yeri sauce, I added sweet soy sauce and sliced scallions.  You know my love for doctoring jarred sauces.  The flavor excellent, but as I suspected, and warned my family, the veal was chewy.  After all, it was meant for stew.  Our jaws got a workout, but it didn't stop us from enjoying some well marinated kebabs.  


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