What is Ghee? and What Else Can I Throw at a Chicken?

I could not resist a little blurb on this discovery.  The words "Clarified Butter" is what caught my attention as I was pushing my cart through Costco.  I looked at the golden substance in this huge jar and immediately took a photo and sent it to Chris.  He responded, simply, "purchase".  I was quite tempted.  I picked it up, gave it a little turn upside down, a quick daydream of what I could do with this much clarified butter, and then set it back on the large mountainous stack.  A quick reality check and I was on my way to the check out counter.  Later, Chris asked me why I didn't buy it.  I said, it scared me.  I know well enough not to have 56 ounces of clarified butter in my house.  Of anyone we know, we might actually consume it all.
Ghee - read all about it in Wikipedia

I found myself rummaging around in my refrigerator again trying to figure out what to do with my whole chicken I had purchased from, where, Costco.  The 2 pack, organic, did again find its way into my cart.  I discussed with Mags what to do.  She really wanted gravy, but I was hoping to grill.  Chinese salted chicken came up, but that really does require overnight marinating.  So, I decided to use some nuoc cham sauce I had convinced my favorite pho restaurant to sell me.  It is basically, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, water and chili.  But theirs is excellent.  And in my uncontrollable desire to doctor things, I added a few more items.
1/2 Cup Nuoc Cham (Thai dipping sauce)
1 tbsp light soy sauce
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 roma tomato, chopped
1 scallion, chopped
Juice of one whole lime

I marinated the chicken for about an hour, which turned out to be fine.  We grilled the chicken basting it with the marinade and served with fired rice and wok fried bok choy.  The chicken was juicy and sweet and had a nice caramelization on the outside.  Thank goodness for chicken.  It always adapts to whatever you throw at it.


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