Mushroom and Pea Shoot Risotto with Roasted Pine Nuts and Brie

My day got away from me as I rushed to get some work done, crank out some home improvement chores and squeeze in some major to-do's before the kids are released from school for the summer.  That day is a day I've been looking forward to, but nonetheless, I feel the need to get as many things as possible checked off my list so we are unencumbered on our summer freedom.  A general mental inventory gave me the idea for tonight's dinner.  These are ingredients I had in my refrigerator and risotto is an easy to make at the last minute dish.  It is essentially a more sophisticated sounding one pot meal.  And when you break it all down, it really is just an, albeit fabulous, one pot meal. 

I won't type out another risotto recipe, primarily because I don't really have one.  But I will direct you to this scarce version of a recipe from an earlier post.  The only alterations are no addition of meat, but the addition of pea shoots, pine nuts and brie which are all incorporated into the risotto just before you are ready to serve.  The pea shoots are from my garden.  I toasted pine nuts in a pan on top of the stove and the brie was President's Spreadable Brie.  This brie has become a favorite of Chris' when he needs a little nibble when he arrives home.  Instead of the mascarpone cheese, I thought the brie would be a good addition.  And was it ever!  

As I sat down to eat, I decided to drizzle a little balsamic fig dressing, which turned out to be a splendid addition.   The risotto was every bit satisfying and rich yet clean tasting and fresh.  Just very, very good!


  1. That looks and sounds amazing. Risotto continues to elude me, as much as I'd like to believe I can cook all things Italian. It looks just perfect. I need to try to make it once and for all...

  2. Nicole, I have first hand knowledge of your cooking skills. This is a no brainer for you!


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