The Mary Buffet was closed :(

Guest posting by Chris
With Mary gone for the weekend and the buffet closed it was time to hit up the trusty freezer for leftover pizza and the other standby staple from the good folks at Kraft, easy mac.  When did Kraft decide it was too much to ask us to add butter, milk and dried cheese mixed together in our own container?  And if they are going to go this far why no self contained stir spoon included?  You mean you want me to add water and use my own spoon?  Who cares as long as it shortens my time back to guarding the couch.  For the pizza, remove plastic wrap stick in oven.  Take out when the smell makes your mouth water.  For the easy mac, yell to living room that if kids are hungry they will find easy mac in the drawer if they are not full from the snacks and soda they have been consuming nonstop since wheels up on Mary's airplane.  Come to think of it the old way of making mac and cheese was pretty easy too just remind them to add butter and milk when you yell.


  1. Finally this blog gives us something we can all make. Simple food for simple people. Although I was surprised to note the lack of the all important icy cold beer.


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