Jack Daniels meets Copper River Sockeye Salmon, While Peas and Potatoes Take the Cake

This recipe from the Junior League's cookbook, Simply Classic, is such an easy but so delicious salmon recipe.  It contains bourbon (Jack Daniels), brown sugar, soy sauce, green onions and vegetable oil.  I like to marinate it for a little longer so that when you grill it, it's almost got a candy glaze over it from the brown sugar and bourbon.  Rich, melt in your mouth salmon!  Chris makes salmon skin chips with the skin that sticks to the grill once you take the salmon off.  Yummy crunchy salty goodness.

From the farmers market over the weekend, I got a large bag of English Peas.  I asked the vendor if they were good, to which he only replied, try one.  I did, and said to him... I guess that says it all.  I shelled and blanched them in water and immediately rinsed them in cold water.  Warm them up with a little butter and a sprinkle of salt.  No need to mess with a good thing.
I couldn't help myself... I dug a few more potatoes out of the garden to make mashed new potatoes.  Peel and boil the potatoes until tender.  Mash and combine with hot cream and melted butter.   Chris said he could eat a meal with just the peas and mashed potatoes.  Those of you who know him, know what a big compliment to the veggies that is.  We had a long discussion of why these taste so much better than even grocery store organic veggies.  Home grown or farmers market fresh, picked at their natural height, eaten immediately...it's the best way to go!

I am in love and a little bit obsessed with the farmers market.  I think it's because I wish I had the space to grow all of these things myself.  Today, I drove down to the Columbia City farmers market just so I could get more of those snap peas.  And while there, picked up these flowers whose beauty I thought I must share. 


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